A famous actress in the Philippines, also know for her environmental involvement, Chin Chin Gutierrez spent two years collecting lullabies throughout the many islands of her country. She turned this collective treasure into a splendid album, "Uyayi", in which these songs from the craddle were tastefully re-arranged by musician Bo Razon - as well as Joey Ayala and Toots Tolentino - and gracefully sung by herself.

This album led to an exceptional concert organized in Paris by the Alliance Française. Chin Chin came with Bo Razon and Joey Ayala, and flutist Joon Claudio and myself offered to accompany them on stage. The concert took place in the Théâtre de l'Alliance Française on April 27th, 2004 : this wonderful night is still remembered fondly by the French and Philipinos who attended...


Chin Chin Gutierrez :
berimbau bow, chekere

Bo Razon :
tbilat and derbuka drums, sarunay metallophone, gangsa gong, sticks

Joey Ayala :
hegelung and octavina lutes, bottle, gangsa gong, kumbing jaw harp

Joon Claudio :
hipanog transverse flute, brooms, rainstick, bottle, sticks

Boris Lelong :
kulintang metallophone, sludoy zither, bendir and derbuka drums, shakers, mocheno flute


Concert photos : Sylvie Hamon for Ethnotempos

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