An essential aspect of my work is to highlight musical cultures through the production of albums. It can be a tribal community on a distant continent, a musician next door, or both combined...

When producing a record, I am particularly interested in building a world with sounds, telling a story all along the album. I had the opportunity to work in this very cinematic approach in Women artists of Lake Sebu (Philippines) and La Mémoire En Chantant (France), and other such works are on their way...


Académie Charles Cros [Prix "Coup de Coeur"]
Mondomix [Meilleur album de l'année]
Télérama [Quatre Clés]
Trad Magazine ["Bravo"]


Here is a selction of records I made, some commercially released, some confidential...


My productions for Altamira, with musicians from various countries

Philippines : Lemhadong collective

Madagascar : cooperation with Saint-Denis, France

Tibet : Refugees in Ladakh & Sherap Dorjee

Mauritania : Moudou ould Mattalla

Other works



Alpino !

And also...

I produce my own works, wether in the field of ambient music or film music