Saint-Denis, France, is the town where I grew up and reside.

A dynamic city near Paris, Saint-Denis has been welcoming migrants for over a century, mostly rural, coming from places as different as Britany, Mali, Spain, Algeria or the Carribean... This explains why the town enjoys a cosmopolitan climate as well a strong civic sensitivity based on solidarity.

All along the past decade, I developped a rich field of activity with the inhabitants of all generations and origins, connecting people through cultural action, mostly for Altamira : concerts, open mics, film screenings, public reading, holiday trips, conferences...

After major projects such as La Mémoire En Chantant, Générations Slam, Safar with Steve Shehan and our artistic cooperation with Madagascar, the hosting in Saint-Denis of Lemhadong's tribal women from the Philippines Saint-Denis has been the climax and synthesis of this rich decade.

:: Altamira in Saint-Denis [in french]

Based on Altamira's projects with the elders, the french government attributed the label "Aging Well, Living Together" to the municipality.