Isorana ::

I came across the village of Isorana, in the Betsileo highlands, in 2007 and keep returning there since.

With the CLEF, rural library, I made a series of recordings of local music and poetry which I soon connected to my town Saint-Denis, in France. We developped a project of artistic exchanges between the two places which keeps growing... Local artists are commited through bi-cultural compositions, exchange of poetry and videos, while shows are being organised in both countries...

Out of this exciting work came the album Les Paroles Ont Des Ailes ("Words Have Wings"), a colorful, intercultural mix filled with hope and humanity
. Now available to all as a free download on Altamira's website.

Project official website [in french]

In Isorana, I met Tanga, a young peasant-musician, and his family troupe. We are currently producing their first album, and a documentary film is also on its way.

Project official website [in french]