Africa [south]

I discoverd Southern Africa in 1992 during a one-year long journey across the continent, a trip started in Johannesburg soon after apartheid had been abolished and which took me all the way to the Great lakes region, in the heart of Africa...

Zambia ::


Zambia has been a revelation to me : I was planning to stay three days only, I stayed three months, only to come back again in the following years...

This is where I made my firts music recordings. It was in a Ila village, in the center of this country of vast wilderness. But it's further west, in the Lozi kingdom, that I dropped my luggage and made an important series of recordings, which I plan to publish with Altamira in the future.

Lesotho ::


I discovered Lesoth more recently, even though I had been dreaming to go there for 15 years. I made recordings for Altamira, in partnership with local NGO Grow and the Morija Museum.