Altamira is a sociocultural project I founded in 1998. I have been involved full time with it since then.

With Altamira, we explore the link between culture and society, and how it can be a mainspring of social empowerment. Practically, we make community-based records, we set up pluridisciplinary shows as well as cultural interactions of all sorts : open mics, conferences, screenings, etc...

Music is the guideline of these projects, but they are first of all human projects based on sharing and creating together.

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Women artists of Lake Sebu :: Philippines

I met these tribal women living in the mountains of Southern Philippines in 1999. Their ancestral musical culture is a striking example of the capacity of music to nourrish the conection between people with the world and themselves.

For several years, we recorded thier music and sound world. This work led to the release of "Women artists of Lake Sebu", a well-received album that got awarded by the prestigious Académie Charles Cros.

This project climaxed in June 2010 when the women came to France. Beyond performing at the Quai Branly Museum and the festival Les Orientales, they lived for three weeks in the city of Saint-Denis for a unique, in-depth intercultural exchange with the local population. An extraordinary journey !

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Spring In The Heart Of Winter :: Madagascar

This project is an artistic cooperation gathering inhabitants of the village of Isorana, Madagascar and inhabitants of the city of Saint-Denis, France.

Our main local partner is the CLEF (Local Center for French-language Exchanges), a remarkable rural public library which serves as a thriving sociocultural center.

Poems, songs, music have been travelling back and forth between both places since 2007. These exchanges will result in an crosscultural album, bilingual and full of hope.

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La Mémoire en Chantant :: France

For several years, we worked with the old people in Saint-Denis, a blue-collar city in France. We organized public music sessions, in which anyone can pick up a microphonne and start a song, often followed by the assembly. A treasure of old folk songs emerged from these gatherings, which we decided to record, along with the elders' commentaries on music and its former place in society.

It took us two years, and the resulting work, "La Mémoire En Chantant" ("Singing Memory") is a powerful plea for a lost art of living together, in which music seems to have played a key integrating role.

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